Devabil Kara

Date of Birth: 1962
Nationality: Turkey


2008 Istanbul Turkey Sintesi CKM
2009 Reggio Emilia Italia Immagina Arte In Fiera
2010 Frascati Italia Quintessenze Scuderie Aldobrandini


Devabil Kara once again is displaying his works, after his 2006 show ‘4. Katman’ (4th Stratum), at Pg Art Gallery in a new exhibition titled ‘Dilin Söyleyemedikleri’ (The Incommunicables). At this exhibition, for the first time, a sculpchural work will be shown alonside the paintings of the artist. The sculpture named as ‘Beyaz Balina’ (White Whale) derives from previous 2D works designed in 3D. In time as language which has become the object of art as well as existing as the postulate of art, assists us in analysing the chaotic structure of the world of objects apart from reaching conceptual dimensions. That it lets us communicate and express ourselves is probably the most significant function of it all. Devabil Kara fares forth from the language concept in his ‘Dilin Söylemedikleri’ titled show examining the world of perception. The artist focuses on things in confronting the incessant transformation and its effects of transforming ourselves new situations that leave us speechless albite sometimes voluntary, and sometimes from ignorance, accumulated and unuttered incommunicables, Dilin Söyleyemedikleri Düş, Balina ve Gölge