Fabrizio Fontana

Date of Birth: 1971
Nationality: Italy
E-mail: fabrifonty@gmail.com
Website: www.fontanaf.com


2014 JIOKI LOSCHI (+ P.Loschi)- New York City USA - - Dacia Gallery
2013 - Galatina Italy - UN ANALGESICO PER L’EMICRANIA - P.Art, Palazzo della Cultura
2008 - Roma Italia - IL PAESE DEI BALOCCHI - Galleria Gallerati


I´m always looking for a creative process that never disregards the idea of the game. The game, in fact, plays a prominent role not only as a method of action but also and above all as an index of social discrimination and access code to a different way of looking at reality.
So the word game (Jioko) is the refrain that I resort to often for the titles of my works as well as my exhibitions. When there is no end game, however the title is a play on words. In short, the game is used as a tool, a kind of magnifying glass cynical view of reality and its contradictions.
I have always suffered the charm of artists who have approached the art so witty and ironic. Sometimes I felt the need to relate to these teachers, to name but a sign, an image or a thought.
Working between paintings, graphics, Plexibox, videos and installations I try to turn towards myself to ridicule that I do author.
Collect objects and fetishes and transform them into images that affect the scaling , and destination. As in the case of performance ´Hopscotch 4 God´ presented to RogueSpace Gallery in New York and at the Vagabond Gallery in Berlin, which moves on the ancient game of ´´bell´´, rhythmic metaphor of the desire to reach a possible destination.
From the media idols, from cartoon characters from comics and gather ideas for not remain indifferent to the proposals of the visual mass production.  I set a theater of daily life in my plaxibox and I ask several questions and these questions almost never have the answers.
In the new production cycle pictorial characters, people silhouettes, shadows almost tell short stories whose meaning is expressed by securities clarifiers.
Here chewed items from every period of my artistic experience, to reach out to a syntheticism backgrounds clearer, the wide use of paint and the desire to keep the work through the resin.
The resin is my ´chemical approach´ to the creative trance and chemistry of contemporary art is infinite matter, enigmatic, complex.
The playful and humorous of this cycle is actually only an appearance: the work he performs a mystical allegory sometimes pungent, probably a new reality, that does not try to calamitarci inside, but let us assimilate.
I´ll try and use my artistic authority to get to the depths of consciousness; to save himself from being hit in the end and it is impossible to reach my goal and could last me very little: would be enough an analgesic for migraine, a couple nuts and my blue slippers.