Giuseppe Resci

Date of Birth: 1959
Nationality: Italy
Phone: +39 3202169802


2010 - Roma Italia - Permanent Personal Exibition - Forlanini-Spall. Hospital
2011 - Magliano S. Italia - Photographers in Center - Municipio
2013 - Roma Italia - That Space Between - Monogramma Margutta


Giuseppe resci was born in Gagliano - Italy - in 1959. He pursued classical studies before graduating from Medical School in Rome. Self taught, he first undertook photography in 1978. Yet it was only in 2008, after a twenty-year hiatus from photography that Resci rediscovered the emotion of capturing his visions, something he had been doing with his eyes alone. In 2009 he graduated from the Roman School of Photography, in San Lorenzo, the city’s cre- ative hub. Giuseppe Resci shoots in black and white using film and digital sensors. He performs photographic research in Italy and abroad and does post-production and Fine Art printing in his home studio. He lives in the countryside, in a secluded dwelling, placed in front of the enigmatic majesty of Mount Soratte, just outside Rome. “My role is to convey, through a single photograph, all the all the restlessness and the adrenaline i have inside of me when i shoot...“
Giuseppe Resci