Salvatore Alessi

Date of Birth: 1974
Nationality: Italy
Phone: +39


2013 - Torino Italy - Koinè -
2012 - Palermo Italia - Biennale Internazionale Arte -
2012 - Venezia Italia - Premio Internazionale Arte Contemporanea - IL Segno


Salvatore Alessi was born in Sicily, Italy, in 1974. After art school, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo, specializing in scenography.
Then he started working as a scenographer realizing theatrical sets for the Politeama Theatre of Palermo, and the Massimo Theatre of Catania. At the same time pursuing his passion for painting and also deals with film. He starts working as an assistant designer for several films. In 2006 he devoted himself to painting professionally, permanently exposing at Il Polittico Gallery of Rome.
At the beginning of 2009 he was a finalist in the Premio Arte Award and in 2010 he had his first solo-exhibition. In the same year he had finished among the finalists of Lissone Award. In 2011 he shot, as director, his first film, titled "Un uomo nuovo".
He exhibited in numerous national and international exhibitions including "Il mito del vero" at Palace Durini in Milan, "La leggerezza nello sport e nell´arte" at " Home Italy " in Berlin, "I quattro elementi" in Catania and "Venti anni" in Rome. Alessi participated in 2011 at the fifty-fourth Venice biennial.